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Who should apply for this program?

Applications for both programs are open to graduate students from Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Northwestern Kellogg, Tufts Fletcher, and other leading universities, who are seeking an opportunity to explore Asia and go in-depth into the realities on the ground, focusing on issues such as public leadership, education and entrepreneurship.

To apply for the Trek, please visit this link.

To apply for the Teaching Fellowship, please visit this link.


The Teaching Fellowship Program is particularly suited for individuals who are interested in international education and leadership training. Candidates should be energetic, proactive, and have a good-natured personality; have a leadership and entrepreneurial mindset; and have effective interpersonal skills with a wide range of people from senior VIPs (ministers/executives) to high school students.


What are the dates for each of the programs?
  • The Trek begins in Manila on May 28, 2017 and ends in Dhaka on June 17, 2017.
  • Tentative Itinerary: Manila (May 28-31) → Hong Kong (May 31-Jun 3) → Shanghai (Jun 3-8) → Kuala Lumpur (Jun 8-11) → Singapore (Jun. 11-14) → Dhaka (Jun. 14-17)
  • The Teaching Fellowship will begin the first week of July 2017 and will end from the middle to the end of August 2017. The targeted countries are Malaysia (confirmed), Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Japan. Exact details will be confirmed as soon as possible.


What are the important dates?*
TREK Key Dates:

First Round

  • Feb. 7-22: First Round of applications due by 11:59pm on Feb. 22
  • Feb. 23: First Round deposit of $500 due by 11:59pm EST
  • Feb. 25: First Round Notification Letters sent out
  • Mar. 15: First Round Final Payment ($2200) due by 11:59pm EST

Second Round

  • Feb. 23-Mar. 15: Second Round of applications due by 11:59pm on Mar. 15 (Applicants accepted on rolling basis after this date)
  • Mar. 16: Second Round deposit of $500 due by 11:59pm EST
  • Mar. 17: Second Round Notification Letters sent out
  • Mar. 22: Second Round Final Payment ($2200) due by 11:59pm EST


  • Mar. 29: Community Session at 6:30pm (Required Attendance for Trek Participants; Location TBA)
  • Apr. 22: Workshop Pitch Session
  • Apr. 28: Flight Tickets Purchased
  • Apr. 28: Visas secured
  • May 13: Final Draft of all Conference Session slides submitted
  • May 28 to June 17: Trekkers should book their tickets to arrive in Manila no later than May 28. The Trek officially ends in Dhaka on June 17.
  • May 28: Trekkers meet in Shanghai and check into hotel.
  • February to March 2017: Applicants will be interviewed and accepted on a rolling basis
  • Mar. 31: Final applicants will be notified
  • April to May 2017: Community Session, Team Building for Fellows TBA

*Organizer reserves the right to change dates. If you are an accepted participant, please keep yourself apprised of announcements and updates.

Why should you apply for this program? 
  • High-level Learning Experience: There is simply no other study tour that exists like the Asia Leadership Trek, that provides a unique and high-level learning experience. Trekkers learn about Asia’s most exciting issues as well as its best practices through our extensive network of top officials, opinion leaders, journalists, and social entrepreneurs.
  • Public Service Opportunity: Through participating in conferences, the program provides trekkers the opportunity to practice what they are learning and give back to communities in Asia.
  • Network Building: Along with your connection to the leaders you will meet in the Trek, you will also belong to an enduring learning community of fellow trekkers motivated to make impactful change in public leadership, business, and the social sector, as well as in their future careers.
  • Public Service Opportunity: Through participating in short-term, high-impact programs, the program provides Teaching Fellows the opportunity to empower individuals, organizations, and government bodies to play more active and meaningful leadership roles in their communities.
  • Practice Teaching and Presentation Skills in Asia: You will be able to increase your skills and breadth of experience, by teaching experienced professionals, university students, and high school students across different countries.
  • Gain Leadership Experience and Increase Cultural Literacy: Programs that Teaching Fellows run are designed to address leadership challenges in the community; Fellows directly engage with organizations and individuals and learn about Asia’s socio-economic issues from a grassroots perspective.


What is required of participants for this leadership program? 

All participants must:

  • Master the contents of your workshop (80-min), professional development seminar (40-min), and career mentoring seminar (40-min). You must also give a pitch of your workshop on April 22.
  • Purchase your flight to the first destination (Manila) and secure all needed visas
  • Submit deposit ($500) and final payment ($2200) on time
  • Actively participate as a productive member of one country group, and as a productive member of the delegation
  • Manage and facilitate one workshop during knowledge forums and conferences during the Trek
  • Attend all official meetings and programs in every city on the Trek
  • Conceptualize, build, and facilitate two 5-day, 80-min workshop sessions on the topics of leadership, communication, entrepreneurship, or education.
  • Develop and deliver two 10-12 minute “TED” talks on original topics relating to growth, leadership, or cutting-edge research.
  • Participate on panels on the topics of leadership, education, and/or entrepreneurship.
  • Facilitate study groups on basic skills such as writing an SOP, building a resume, and asking good questions, etc.
  • Provide career advancement counseling
  • Other tasks as requested by supervisor
  • Participants must purchase a roundtrip ticket to Asia which will be refunded upon completion of the program.


If I am selected, how do I secure my spot on the Trek?

Participants must complete the application, pay the deposit, and attend all designated sessions (workshop and group meetings).


How much will this program cost?

The TREK (socio-economic political tour) costs $2700. The cost covers inter-regional airfare, local transportation, accommodations, and meals in six different cities across Asia.

Participants are responsible for purchasing their own airfare to Shanghai and from Dhaka which will be the first and last destination of the Trek, respectively. Participants must be present in Shanghai and check in at the designated hotel on May 28.


The Fellowship requires accepted applicants to purchase a roundtrip ticket to a designated city on the Fellowship. The costs which be returned upon completion of the Fellowship. All accommodations, inter-Asia travel expenses, official sightseeing programs, and most meals are covered.


Can family members join the study trek?

Significant others (SO) may join the Trek. A limited number of spots will be available. The SO is expected to add value and contribute to the Trek experience. The ALT Committee must be informed of your arrangements in advance. Please contact us at: [email protected]


I have other questions. How can I learn more? Whom should I contact? 

For questions about the application, guidelines, or eligibility requirements of the Asia Trek Leadership Pre-Trek Program, Trek, or Fellowship Program, please contact the ALT Committee at [email protected]

You may also contact Orianne Montaubin at [email protected][email protected]


For more information about the Teaching Fellowship, please visit: http://asialeadership.org/careers/fellowship-opportunities/

More information is also available on the Harvard Business School, Harvard Kennedy School, and Harvard Graduate School of Education career platform under the organization name, Center for Asia Leadership.

You may also contact John Lim at [email protected], [email protected]




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